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Initial Dump from WG

------  Discussion Checklist inside TIER  --------

Workbench Demos be presented at TIER Session at TechEx if possible

Planning/Prep questions if we move forward with demos:

  1. Will have multiple outlets/power strip and 1 55" HDTV monitor to be shared for 3 Demos

    1. Assumption that demos may be shown to individuals just using a laptop

    2. Dynamic updates to official program site?
      1. Consider installing I2 event app to get last minute changes re: updates to demo space and other working group related scheduling:

    3. Room is Biscayne - same as meals and Sponsored Booths area, so new signage should be visible
  2. Do we need a laptop for the demo, or will we have people use their own laptop?
    1. Presenters will need a laptop, but they should be able to use their own
    2. There will probably be a dedicated one, but most will want to use their own
    3. If folks are using their own we need to have them prepared so there is minimal transition time
  3. Do we need a hardwire Ethernet cable, or will the wireless be sufficient?
    1. Wireless should do - check
  4. Demonstrators - ???
    1. Keith, Warren, JonM, TomJ, BennO, others TBD
  5. Booth set-up – will have a 6’ skirted table, 8 x 10 booth and two chairs. Is that adequate?
    1. A third chair if possible
    2. Posters on the booth wall
    3. Easel will be available
    4. DevOps graphic - Bill check on this
  6. Equipment from the hotel – large monitor (do you prefer HDMI or VGA?) and a white board?
    1. HDMI monitor plus a VGA to HDMI adapter for laptops without HDMI connectors - will all laptops be Macs?
    2. Whiteboard & markers - No just the easel
  7. Power requirements – power for laptop and monitor
    1. Two outlets minimum

Deliverables for TechEx Timeframe

  • [     ] Instrumentation/Monitoring features for TIER package and each component w monitoring process using Restful API's etc.

    • TIER Central - Deployment Data Site
    • Q: Which outbound/inbound ports need to be open for syslog and other instrumentation?
    • Steve, BillK and Keith to organize the work; others will get called on
  • TIER Grouper Deployment Guide - Draft - Present at TechEx (Grouper BOF/ACAMP)
  • Reference Architecture
    • Reference Architecture Overview(s)
    • Use Case Narrative Walk-throughs
    • Cleaner set of Intro texts by Tech Ex
  • TIER Roadmap
    • Include what needs to be on the Roadmap through (and beyond) 2017
    • Q: Model on Style of Grouper and/or Shib roadmaps?

    • BillK's working on a version for TIER Community Investors' Council
    • Discussion in the TIER Session should include mention of roadmap

Approximate contents of TIER Workbench Pre-Production (what the WGs have in the way of Deliverables that are on their way to inclusion in the production packaging)

  • Full Suite of Grouper APIs conformant with TIER API Guidelines (Swagger-Documented Grouper-TIER-SCIM API)
    in the TIER-packaged Grouper Component
  • SoR-to-Entity Registry messaging and/or APIs with Swagger documentation
  • Integrate updated components and other software supporting instrumentation/monitoring and rebuild/test
  • Consent: Wireframes of self-service consent policy management (Rob Carter)

Approximate contents of TIER Workbench BUS Demos

  • Two versions

    • With MidPoint as Entity Registry

    • With COmanage as end-to-end IAM Package
  • Consent wireframes walkthrough/focus group?

Major Components needed for the BUS demo ( √  if installed on

  • √  IAM Testbed self-service registry in the role of a System of Record for the Showcase
  •     Grouper
  •     SCIM Libraries (PSU)
  •     Shib IdP
  •     Shib SP
  • √  Httpd (Apache Web Server)
  • √   Tomcat
  • √  LDAP server
  • √  midPoint
  • √  RabbitMQ



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