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The three-year TIER program reached a successful conclusion at the end of 2018. The program, funded by 49 investor schools, involved containerizing and connecting the Internet2 Community’s key open-source Identity and Access Management software components, significantly reducing the time and effort needed for installation, configuration, and upgrades. The result is the new InCommon Trusted Access Platform, an IAM suite meeting the specific needs of research and education. Please visit the InCommon Trusted Access Platform wiki for more information, including links to software downloads.


TIER: Production Releases

The TIER team is grateful for everyone who evaluates and uses these releases.

Docker Containers

Docker Containers

Shibboleth IdP Docker Linux Container (3.4.3)Shibboleth IdP Docker Windows Container (3.4.3)Shibboleth IdP Config Builder Container

Shibboleth SP Linux httpd Container (3.0.3)

Shibboleth SP Windows IIS Container (3.0.3)

  • Current release: 181201

  • Container Image Name: tier/shib-sp-windows-iis:latest

  • Status: New container

  • Container Source Code

Grouper Linux Container (2.4.0)

Grouper Linux Container (2.3.0)

COmanage Linux Container (3.2.0)

midPoint Linux Container (3.9 Preview)

  • Coming soon...

Virtual Machine Images

The links below are to virtual machine images, which are designed to be Docker build/run machines and are preloaded with the appropriate set of Docker containers. The VMs are intended primarily for campuses that do not currently operate container-based applications or are new to container-based applications. AMIs, for running in AWS, are also available here.  

Virtual Machine Images and Documentation

COmanage Registry (3.1.1)

Grouper (2.3.0)

Shibboleth IdP VM (3.3.1)

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

If you will be using the released VMs, below are a few suggestions:

  • The VMs are designed to be run in VirtualBox.  If you are not familiar with VirtualBox, you can read the documentation and download the software from the Oracle's web site.

  • AMIs, for running in AWS, are also available here.

  • Once VirtualBox is installed and running, you import the .ova distribution using the File / Import Appliance function.

  • The default network connection for some of the Virtual Machines is NAT. This works well if you want to log into and examine the VM and containers. But to connect to services hosted by the VM, you'll likely want to switch the network to bridged mode. This will give the VM an IP address from your network's DHCP server and provide you with the ability to access services from a browser.

  • Please review the Release Notes for installation instructions and additional information on VirtualBox setup.

  • Remember to change the login password(s) before you place the VMs on a public network.



TIER - Current State of Components 

This document, TIER Accomplishments by Thematic Groups, provides the current state of the component portions of the TIER program and planned future activities. It draws from initial documentation of TIER program requirements and subsequent working group accomplishments. It also includes items flagged “[Must2018]” which have been identified by the component architects as being required to be completed before the end of 2018.

Need Basic Information?

Visit the TIER 101 page.

TIER Release Reports

Campus Practices Included in the TIER Program


Starting with the 17040 release,  the TIER components contains functionality from phase 1 of the TIER Instrumentation work.  If you need to disable this functionality, you can configure a manual setting in the local Dockerfile on the VM.  There is a commented section near the top of the file that instructs you to uncomment a single line below which will disable the TIER Instrumentation functionality.


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