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Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group Meeting - August 20, 2018


Attending: Klara Jelinkova, Ted Hanss, Sean Reynolds, Michael Gettes, Mark Johnson, Chris Phillips

With: Kevin Morooney, Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, Steve Zoppi

Please review these documents

Kevin called out the trust and identity project list and the Baseline Expectations graphs (links above). He noted that the IdPs meeting Baseline have grown from 16% to 72% in just six months.

Potential InCommon Fee Increase

Kevin shared and discussed his presentation to the Internet2 board at the end of July, which teed up a potential InCommon fee increase. The increase would accomplish three main goals:

  1. Allow for the continuation of software development and support that has been accomplished through the TIER investor funding the last three years (e.g. the ecosystem of by-and-for higher ed IAM solutions
  2. Reinforce the connection between the federation and software development

  3. Develop Shibboleth support for InCommon participants (and for Shib development)

The target is to develop a fee structure for discussion this fall, and implement the announced increase over two years. The first model calls for no increase for Research Organizations. Cert-only participants, who saw no increase last time, would be brought up to the same fee level as other Higher Education participants. The result would be an additional $2.5 million.

The last increase did not include much time for community conversation (and we also received very little pushback). However, smaller schools have less flexibility with budgets and need additional time for planning. Hence the proposed two-year implementation.

In terms of other potential revenue generation, we will be implementing a marketing strategy for the certificate service, aimed at Internet2 members and InCommon participants that do not yet subscribe. There is also room for eduroam growth, but that would not add significant revenue, given the current fee structure.

There was general discussion about whether the fee increase is enough, and also whether there are other options in the two-year rollout (for example, implementing the full increase now for L1 and maybe L2, but have a two-year implementation for L3 and L4).

There was also discussion that Internet2 has moved away from Carnegie classifications for its member fees, and InCommon will likely follow that at some point in the future (but that is not part of the current plan).

Communications was also discussed - that the fee increase would move toward paying the full cost of federation activities and related software. One concern in treating different HE levels differently (e.g. immediate full increase for some and a two-year implementation for others) may confuse the communications.

Kevin will be developing 2-4 additional models that look at, for instance, a lower increase (or none at all) for cert-only participants.

Once we nail down the model, Kevin will be travelling to various meetings to socialize, answer questions, and take feedback.

Next Meeting - Monday, September 17, 2018

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