Blog from September, 2019

CSTAAC will be intentional in its inclusion of broad representation from the research and education community. We have opened a consultation regarding the formation of CSTAAC and invite your comments and feedback. You will find the CSTAAC Charter at The consultation period is open now until October 11th, 2019.

We would encourage you to nominate colleagues who you feel would be strong leaders and fit the ethos of this new Committee. If you see yourself in this role, we would also suggest that you consider nominating yourself. We are particularly looking add an additional nomination or two from a research, or research adjacent area as well as additional representation from western states. Nominations can be submitted to Sara Jeanes at and will close October 11th.

NET+ AWS is widely adopted by Internet2 higher education members, but is also available to Affiliates and Federal Affiliates as well. NET+ AWS is also available to Regional Networks for their own use (i.e. not for resale). Inquires can be sent to

The NET+ AWS community team is happy to announce integration of Control Tower functionality with NET+ AWS, and feature parity with direct-deployed Control Tower implementations. NOTE: Control Tower requires the set up a completely new Organization, and does not currently support merging multiple Organizations so if you have existing AWS accounts we are recommending either deploying Landing Zones, or waiting until the AWS feature launch of existing account migrations (expected for the second half of 2019). Please reach out to if you would like to join the Control Tower Beta.