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Note that this page has been deprecated; the information it contains is no longer current. It has been retained for historical purposes only.

On 2 February 2011, a redirect from the InCommon WAYF to the Discovery Service was put in place and the WAYF was scheduled for complete removal on 6 July 2011. In the interim, service providers throughout the Federation were advised to adjust their software configurations to point at the Discovery Service, not the WAYF.

As of 28 July 2011, the InCommon WAYF is still receiving a relatively small number of requests. For instance, during the week from July 21 to July 27, the legacy WAYF received the indicated number of requests from users trying to access the following InCommon service providers:


The URLs listed above are actually the entity IDs of each service provider. It's possible that these SPs are still redirecting users to the legacy WAYF (which is a software configuration issue), but it's much more likely that users are selecting bookmarks or clicking on links that mistakenly point to the legacy WAYF. This is indicated in the InCCollaborate:attached log file entries for these requests, some of which show an HTTP Referrer, which suggests the user may have clicked a link on a web page.

  File Modified
File ds_usage_legacy_request_log_2011-07-07 Legacy log file entries 2011-06-30 to 2011-07-06 Jul 07, 2011 by
File ds_usage_legacy_request_log_2011-07-14 Legacy log file entries 2011-07-07 to 2011-07-14 Jul 14, 2011 by
File ds_usage_legacy_request_log_2011-07-28 Legacy log file entries 2011-07-21 to 2011-07-27 Jul 28, 2011 by

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