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Note that this page has been deprecated; the information they contain is no longer current. The page has been retained for historical purposes only.

Essential Attribute Bundle

Configure your IdP to release the essential attribute bundle now!

IdPs are encouraged to release the essential attribute bundle to the broadest class of SPs possible (subject to policy):

  • Identifier
    • eduPersonPrincipalName
  • Mail attribute
    • mail
  • Person name attributes
    • displayName
    • givenName
    • sn (surname)

An Important Consequence of Releasing the Essential Attribute Bundle

If your deployment of eduPersonPrincipalName is non-reassigned, and your IdP releases the essential attribute bundle to all SPs, then your IdP supports the Research & Scholarship Category as a side effect, without further configuration.

It is straightforward to configure a Shibboleth IdP to release the essential attribute bundle to any SP.

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