For Grouper 2.5+ see the new approach for Grouper 2.5+ packaging and versioning strategy   

Note: patches cannot change method signatures of methods used by anything outside of the patch or a no method exists error will occur.

1. Commit changes to the branch of the installer you are changing
2. Go to the build server, you might need to su as mchyzer, remove old files, so new files are retrieved from github
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ cd /home/mchyzer/tmp
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ rm -rf *
3. Get grouper source from the version you want
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ GROUPER_2_3_BRANCH
4. Build the installer
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ export JAVA_HOME=/opt/java6
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ GROUPER_2_3_BRANCH
5. Copy the jar and tarball to a tmp dir
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ mkdir /tmp/installer
[mchyzer@i2mibuild tmp]$ cd /tmp/installer
[mchyzer@i2mibuild installer]$ cp /home/mchyzer/tmp/grouper-installer/build_mchyzer/grouper.installer-2.3.0.tar.gz .
[mchyzer@i2mibuild installer]$ cp /home/mchyzer/tmp/grouper-installer/build_mchyzer/grouper-installer/dist/grouperInstaller.jar .
[mchyzer@i2mibuild installer]$ ls
grouper.installer-2.3.0.tar.gz  grouperInstaller.jar
[mchyzer@i2mibuild installer]$ 
6. Backup the current version on release server
[mchyzer@i2mibuild installer]$ sftp webprod3
Connecting to webprod3...
sftp> cd /home/htdocs/    (USE CURRENT VERSION)
sftp> rename grouperInstaller.jar grouperInstaller.jar.20160718   (USE CURRENT DATE)
sftp> rename grouper.installer-2.3.0.tar.gz grouper.installer-2.3.0.tar.gz.20160718   (USE CURRENT VERSION AND DATE)

7. Copy the new version to the release server
sftp> put grouperInstaller.jar
sftp> put grouper.installer-2.3.0.tar.gz

8. Test the changes and look in the source to make sure your changes are there

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