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Time Frame

12 December 2011 - 09 January 2012


  1. Implement proof-of-concept Directory application on Cake 2.0 framework
  2. Design and implement new page header (menu) and footer ("powered by COmanage")
  3. Initial work for New Lab Hire At Caltech With LSC and Sponsor use case, up to rendering and handling of form (steps 3 - 5; equivalent to most of "Administrator Enrollment" box of Registry Enrollment (Old) flow)



Order of Work for New Lab Hire Use Case
  1. Login/Sign-Up page (Login option only) (CO-122)
  2. New menus (CO-80)
  3. Render form based on cm_co_enrollment_attributes for cm_co_enrollment_flows (CO-182)
  4. Implement valid from/until policies (CO-81)
  5. Implement REST call for real time reconciliation (maybe) (CO-179)
  6. Implement plug-in/default implementation for reconciliation (maybe) (CO-186)
  7. Store data in petitions (CO-208)

Then (possibly for Sprint 02)

  1. Notification engine (CO-207)
  2. Approval page for CO/COU admin (CO-183)
  3. Enrollee logs in and completes own data (CO-92)
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