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Date Model Elements

The Registry Identifier data model is intended to record Identifiers associated with an Entity, including both Identifiers generated and managed by Registry, and Identifiers that are obtained from other sources.

Default Identifier Type

When adding a new Identifier via the UI, it is possible to set the default value for the Identifier type via ConfigurationCO Settings.

Login Identifiers

Login to Registry is based on Identifiers that are flagged for login that are attached to People. More specifically, when someone tries to access the Registry application,

  • $REMOTE_USER is examined for an identifier.
  • Registry looks for active Identifiers attached to active Person records across all COs.
  • If at least one active Identifier is found, the user is granted access to the associated COs.

See Also

Changes From Earlier Versions

As of Registry v5.0.0

  • The login flag only applies to Person, not ExternalIdentity.

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