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Registry v3.3.0 introduces the concept of Data Filters, a plugin-based mechanism to modify or filter data in certain contexts. The initial implementation supports the provisioning context: when a provisioning action is run, the relevant data is passed through any Data Filters attached to the Provisioning Target prior to the Provisioner Plugin receiving it.

To set up Data Filters, first instantiate the appropriate plugin via ConfigurationData Filters. Add a new Data Filter of the appropriate type, and provide any plugin specific configuration. Note the plugin must support the appropriate context.

Once the Data Filter is configured, it must be attached somewhere to be used. For Data Filters supporting the Provisioning Target context, go to ConfigurationProvisioning Targets. Click Edit for the Provisioning Target to attach the Data Filter to, then Attach Data Filters. From this page, add or manage the Data Filters for this Provisioning Target. Note that Provisioning Target Filters can be ordered, in case it is important for one filter to run before another.

See also: Writing Registry Plugins

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