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Step-by-step Guide To Adding New CO Members

These instructions assume that you have already created at least one new enrollment flow for your CO (see How to Configure Enrollment Flows).

  1. From the COmanage Registry home page, click on your CO.
  2. On the 'People' drop down menu, click on 'Enroll'.

    If you have not yet created at least one enrollment flow for your CO, this screen will be blank.

    Even if you want to add users administratively, with no interaction on their part, you need to set up an enrollment flow.

  3. On the Enrollment Flows page, click 'Begin' on the enrollment type that is appropriate for the individual you want to add.

    See How to Configure Enrollment Flows for information on the different types of basic enrollment flows and what they can do. You can configure these to be more specific to your collaboration's needs; the templates are just a place to start.