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As part of CO-112, COmanage Registry v0.4 migrated from CakePHP 1.3 to 2.05. The full description of everything that changed in CakePHP 2 is available at Reading only this COmanage wiki page is not a substitute for reviewing the migration guide in the CakePHP book.

* Denotes a change being made concurrent with the CakePHP 2 migration that is not required by CakePHP 2.

All Files

  • Drop ?> closing tag in .php files*
  • Switch to docbook style* (See Coding Style Guide)
  • Throw exceptions for error handling (rarely – this should only be done when a proper error can't be rendered via setFlash() or a REST HTTP return code)
  • Scope functions and variables (ie: public $requires_co)
  • Joins no longer needs dbo full table name (see various examples, including UsersController:login)


  • Models need all fields defined in validate() for REST API*
  • Models need public version set*


  • $html is no longer available, use $this->Html instead
  • Use $cur_co to get coid for forms (do not directly examine params submitted by user)*
  • When generating a select, the format for calling has changed (see any examples in various {{}}s)
  • select() needs manual display of error: $this->Form->isFieldError
  • fieldsErrorToString is no longer used
  • Paginator arguments 1 and 2 swapped


  • Use $this->request->is('get') to determine render form vs process data
  • Drop $components from controllers (now in AppController)
  • Change include App.standard_controller to use Uses instead
  • $this->data becomes $this->request->data; don't write to either
  • $this->params becomes $this->request->params
  • Changed params for checkWriteDependencies and checkWriteFollowups*
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