COmanage should switch from PHP to another language (Java, Ruby, Rust, Python, etc).

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Switching languages must provide a significant, measurable benefit to the developers and deployers.


  1. The project will benefit in some unspecified way from alignment with some other arbitrarily selected set of development efforts.
  2. Deployers who already run an application stack centered around the selected alternate language, but who do not run a standard LAMP stack or equivalent, will benefit in reduced deployment complexity.


  1. The entire project will need to be rewritten from the ground up. No existing code can be reused.
  2. Plugins and other local modifications written for existing deployments will need to be completely rewritten, increasing the difficulty of upgrading.
  3. Few if any deployers are not already running a LAMP stack or equivalent. Furthermore, Docker reduces the need to worry about the underlying deployment stack.


(error) Rejected

There is significant cost incurred and no measurable benefit received from switching to another programming language,  

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