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The InCommon Participation Agreement requires organizations in the Federation to support Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation. On April 1, the InCommon Steering Committee accepted the Community Trust and Assurance Board’s recommendation to remove organizations’ services that do not meet Baseline Expectations. Starting May 15, 2019, the InCommon Federation will begin removing any entity not meeting Baseline Expectations from its metadata. 

We do not wish any InCommon participant to experience service interruption. If you are aware of any party who may be affected, please ask them to contact

Entities Removed on September 25, 2019

These entities were removed from the InCommon metadata on September 25, 2019

Entity Missing Baseline Expectations *OrganizationNotes
(SP) Inc
(SP) NameCoach


Upland Software

Entities Removed on July 16, 2019

These entities were removed from the InCommon metadata on July 16, 2019

Entity Missing Baseline Expectations *OrganizationNotes
(SP) SP is no longer in use.
(IdP) Sandburg CollegeCarl Sandburg College is withdrawing from the InCommon Federation.
(IdP) CollegeThe registered IdP is out of date and is not in use.


Ingenta (Publishing Technology)The registered entities are no longer in use.
(IdP) of the District of ColumbiaThe registered IdP is not in use.
(IdP) Community College SystemThe registered IdP is not in use.

Organizations with Entities Slated for Removal on May 15, 2019

Update on May 15: All organizations who had entities slated for removal by May 15 have updated their entities to meet Baseline Expectations. 

Organizations with Updates in Progress

These organizations are in the process of updating key InCommon roles. CTAB will continue to monitor and work with the organizations to update the entities to meet Baseline Expectations once the role updates are complete.

OrganizationEntity Missing Baseline Expectations *
DocuSign Inc1 Service Provider
Dropbox Inc1 Service Provider
ServiceNow1 Identity Provider; 3 Service Providers

* See the autogenerated list of Entities Missing Metadata Elements below for details.

Organizations with Test or Bilateral SPs Missing Baseline Expectations

These organizations have entities that do not meet Baseline Expectations. The entities appear to be test or bilateral SPs. While they are not on the May 15 removal list, they will be in future rounds of removal if they do not act to meet Baseline Expectations.

OrganizationEntity Missing Baseline Expectations *
TotalRewards Software Inc2 Service Providers

* See the autogenerated list of Entities Missing Metadata Elements below for details.

My Organization is listed. What do I do? 

To update your metadata to meet baseline expectations, please ask your designated InCommon Site Administrators to sign into the InCommon Federation Manager

To find out more about the designated InCommon administrator roles and other resources, please see Related Information.

Entities Missing Metadata Elements

This list contains all entities still missing Baseline Expectation required metadata elements. The list is compiled daily from the published InCommon metadata. Click the column heading to sort the list.

Organization Display NameEntity Display NameEntity IDEntity TypeSeverityHas Privacy StatementHas LogoHas All Contacts
ServiceNowSNC DemoSecurity1https://demosecurity1.service-now.comSPSignificantNONONO
ServiceNowSNC DemoSecurity2https://demosecurity2.service-now.comSPSignificantNONONO
DocuSign, Inc.DocuSign Inc
Dropbox, Inc.Dropbox
TotalRewards Software, Inc.TotalRewards - UOAHhttps://uoah.totalrewards.ioSPMinorYESNOYES
TotalRewards Software, Inc.TotalRewards - UOAhttps://uoa.totalrewards.ioSPMinorYESNOYES

This list is produced from the output of the daily InCommon metadata health check script. If you have questions about this data, please contact us at

This list last updated Mon Oct 21 21:31:23 UTC 2019.

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