To update your metadata, please contact your organization's designated InCommon Site Administrator.

Local updates you make to the metadata on your server(s) will not automatically be reflected in the federation. You  must update the metadata in the Federation Manager.

If you are the Site Administrator, log in to the Federation Manager application ( 

Click update next to the entity you wish to edit. You should see a screen that says "Edit Identity Provider" or "Edit Service Provider" depending on type type of entity you are editing.

Updating Contact Information:

On the entity update page, scroll down to the section labeled Contacts.

Choose Administrative under contact type and enter in the name and email address of an administrative contact for your entity. Click Add.

Repeat the process to add a security contact and technical contact.

To meet Baseline Expectations, you must have at least one of each contacts: Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, and Security Contact.

On the entity update page, scroll to the section labeled User Interface Elements. Click Edit.

Add in the missing privacy URL and logo fields. Note that URLs must be a direct link and cannot redirect to another page. Once you are done, click Save.

Additional information about logo and privacy url requirements are available in these two blog posts:

Logo (with examples):

Submitting your Metadata

After you have finished making edits to your metadata, scroll to the top of the page and click Submit Changes. Your new metadata will be approved and published within one business day.

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