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Working Group Co-Chairs: Warren Curry, University of Florida and Benn Oshrin, Spherical Cow Group

Charter for the TIER Entity Registry Working Group

MidPoint as Entity Registry: Investigation and Evaluation

TIER Entity Registry Update - 2017 GLobal Summit

TIER Identity Data Ecosystem2col.pdf

TIER Application View Integration Layer Concept of Person Maintenance and Retrieval (Draft)

whc, 11/07/2017 

Key Deliverables from TIER Release 1

Requirements on an Entity Registry and Related Components

COmanage / Entity Registry Gap Analysis

IAM Functional Model and IAM Glossary

TIER Core Schema for Systems of Record and Entity Registry - Early Draft

Narrative Form: Deliverables in the WG Charter

  1.   Document  Functional Requirements for System of Record (SoR) to the Entity Registry    Define a minimal first iteration Registry person schema/resource 
  2.   Draft first iteration functional model for IAM with a glossary of institutional processes around identity lifecycle management .  
  3.   Draft  fit/gap analysis between current COmanage registry functionality and this WG’s Entity Registry requirements .
  4. Provide COmanage Team with rough definition of work required to fill gaps in COmanage functionality

Entity Registry Requirements

Functional Model for Entity Registry and Allied Services

Schema for core IAM resources

Member-contributed Resources

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