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This is the home of the InCommon/Quilt Federation Pilot Development Project

Eight pilot activities are under way as of Fall 2013. These pilots are intended to validate models, policies, and processes around bringing federated access to cloud services to K-12 and community colleges in partnership with the advanced regional networks supporting research and education (R&E).

The pilots are listed and there is a link to a wiki page for each pilot under the heading of "Initial Pilots" on this page.

For reference, a Project Terminology table has been developed as a level-set to support our conversations.

Please direct questions or comments to <inc-quilt-pilot-info AT incommon DOT org>.

Working Groups

At the conclusion of the 2013 Quilt InCommon Federation Workshop, participants were asked to continue the dialog by joining three working groups focused on the pilots:

  • InCommon-Quilt Pilot Definition Working Group - This group defined the requirements for the pilots and develop a call for participants (CFP) and pilot timelines. This group met on a monthly basis as of Fall 2014. As of March 2015, this group discontinued its monthly calls, with the decision to conduct all discussions related to the pilots on the biweekly All Pilots calls.  The biweekly All Pilots calls concluded in Fall of 2015, with the production of white paper.
  • InCommon-Quilt Technical Working Group - This group helped develop the federation models discussed during the workshop outlining the pros and cons for regionals to consider and coordinate with the InCommon TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) Interfederation group. This group completed its work in 2013.
  • InCommon-Quilt Admin/Policy Working Group - This group  documented the distributed administration tasks and roles outlined during the workshop and identity the key policy issues and business models that would need to be addressed in the pilots as well as for ongoing federation.  This group completed its work in 2013.

Use Cases

(Underlying Use Cases for Pilot Proposals should be listed here)

Case Studies

(This section should contain write-ups on the outcomes of the Pilots)

See Also

InCommon Quilt Federation wiki (includes a link to a dedicated wiki page for each pilot)

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