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Summary Documents as of Fall 2015

Quilt InCommon Initiative to Extend Federation to K12 and Community Colleges

Participating in an Identity Federation has significant benefits for educational institutions, providing a common framework for trusted shared management of access to on-line resources.  However, limited resources, skill sets, or experience often prevent smaller institutions from participating in federation. This is especially true for K-12 school districts and smaller higher education institutions such as community or technical colleges.  Research and Education Network providers or "Regionals" (members of The Quilt) and InCommon are working to bridge this gap by exploring how to extend federation services to these communities.

Quilt InCommon Federation Pilots

Ten Quilt InCommon Federation pilots were led by the organizations below.


Proposed Federation Partnership Business Models

A subgroup comprised of representatives from MCNC and InCommon and other interested parties has been working on Federation Partnership Business Models.

See this page for a draft of proposed models and draft term sheets.

Minutes of the Pilots Calls

The pilots held a biweekly open call to share information, discuss progress and challenges.  These calls concluded in fall 2015.

Minutes of Pilot Calls


2014 Quilt InCommon Federation Workshop

For the 2014 Quilt InCommon Federation Workshop, Feb 6-7, 2014, see key documents, notes and action items from the workshop, including updates from the pilots.

2013 Quilt InCommon Federation Workshop

A 2013 Quilt / InCommon Federation Workshop was held at the Winter Quilt Meeting in February 2013 to develop a framework for a distributed federation model.  This would leverage the Regionals to extend the InCommon Federation to these smaller educational institutions, as well as into other sectors. The framework would describe methods of providing these communities (starting with educational institutions) with Identity and Access Management and Federation Services, as well as federation consulting and other forms of support.  A set of pilot proposals involving K-12 and/or Community Colleges were solicited from the Regionals to test and validate these models/methods and to create Case Studies of the selected pilots which could be used to inform additional (possibly larger) pilots or projects. See 2013 Workshop Summary and Next Steps (pdf)

Pilot Planning and Coordinating Working Groups

see this page for info on the coordinating working groups

Presentations About the Pilots

Presentation at Pilots BOF at 2015 Technology Exchange in Cleveland (Oct. 5, 2015) (Mark Scheible) (PDF)

Presentation at "Be a Hero: Enbable and Maximize the Value of Identity Federation" session at 2015 Global Summit (Mark Scheible) see Slides 6-7

Presentation at the Pilots BOF 2014 Technology Exchange in Indianapolis (Oct. 30, 2014) (Mark Scheible) (Google Doc)

Presentation at 2014 Internet2 Global Summit (April 8, 2014) (Bernie Acs, Jim Peterson, Jason Radford, Scott Isaacson. Mike Danahy)

Presentation at CoSN Annual Conference, March 2014  (Jim Siegl, Mike Danahy, Bernie Acs)

Presentations at 2014 Quilt InCommon Workshop (see under heading "Presentation Slides")


  • Webinar on Student Data Privacy from Bob Moore and Jim Siegl covering issues such a parents' rights, FERPA, COPPA, contracting considerations, and more on Thursday, June 19, 2014. The Adobe Connect recording is linked here.

Documents and Other Resources

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