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  • Grouper Duo provisioning (v2.5 provisioning framework)
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Demo video of provisioning groups and memberships to Duo

This is the script to create users in the video

GrouperSession grouperSession = GrouperSession.startRootSession();
RegistrySubject.addOrUpdate(grouperSession, "mchyzer", "person", "Chris Hyzer", "Chris Hyzer", "mchyzer", "Chris Hyzer", "");
RegistrySubject.addOrUpdate(grouperSession, "kwilso", "person", "Kate Wilson", "Kate Wilson", "kwilso", "Kate Wilson", "");

Create a credential in duo admin

External system

Provisioning fields and attributes


Grouper nameAttribute or fieldTypeRequired?Duo APIDuo UIDescription
idfieldStringrequiredgroup_id(in URL)This is the UUID read from Duo.  Select only.
namefieldStringrequirednameGroup Name

This is the name of the group on the Duo side.

descriptionattributeStringoptionaldescDescriptionThis is the description in Duo


Grouper nameAttribute or fieldTypeRequired?Duo APIDuo UIDescription
idfieldStringrequireduser_id(in URL)This is the UUID read from Duo.  Select only.

This is the username in Duo

namefieldStringoptionalrealnameFull nameFirst and last name
emailfieldStringoptionalemailEmailEmail address for user
firstnameattributeStringoptionalfirstnameNAFirst name of user
lastnameattributeStringoptionallastnameNALast name of user


Generally you will have logging setting set to off unless you are troubleshooting something.

If you want to see the HTTP traffic going to and from duo, set one of these options

You will see container logs that look like this

2021-11-06 13:54:04,854: [Thread-36] INFO  GrouperProvisioningLogCommands.infoLog(25) -  - Command log for provisioner 'duoTest' - 'u5ydv5lk', retrieveAllData: HTTP method: get
HTTP request header: Authorization: *******
HTTP request header: Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2021 17:54:02 +0000
HTTP request header: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
HTTP response code: 200, took ms: 913
HTTP response header: Transfer-Encoding: chunked
HTTP response header: Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000
HTTP response header: Server: Duo/1.0
HTTP response header: Cache-Control: no-store
HTTP response header: Etag: W/"198da276e78d748b76b7123456"
HTTP response header: Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; frame-src 'self' ; img-src 'self'  ; connect-src 'self'
HTTP response header: Connection: keep-alive
HTTP response header: Pragma: no-cache
HTTP response header: Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2021 17:54:03 GMT
HTTP response header: Content-Type: application/json
         "desc":"This is a description",

You can load duo users into grouper database into grouper_prov_duo_user table as shown below.

grouper_prov_duo_user table is shown below

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