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Every institution has its own way it onboards and manages its accounts. Some pay the vendor with a single PO and rebill internally. Others have direct billing to their account holders. Some schools create special Ts & Cs for their users while other cover them with existing AUAs. This page is a place where schools can share their practices so we can learn from each other.

Indiana University


  • IU sets up accounts for its users to be direct billed by the reseller. Internal rebilling comes at a cost and we want to keep the price for the users as low as possible. 
  • If a user or department wants to get an account with one of the cloud vendors the person responsible for the funding source must sign IU's Public Cloud Acceptable Usage Agreement. When they sign the agreement and indicate which platform(s) they are interested in, they are emailed instructions for producing an IU purchase order to fund their account.


GCP Configuration Proposal

Penn State

  • Billing is done via a single PO and processes chargeback internally.
  • Penn State's account request form requires agreement to a built-in attestation and billing information.
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