By Paul Caskey

Earlier this year, we asked for your input and feedback on the InCommon Certificate Service in our annual survey. Such feedback is critical to the success of the InCommon Certificate Service because it allows you — the higher education and research community — to drive the service in the directions that matter most. We use the surveys to drive our work plans for the service for the upcoming year.

For example, last year we were able to streamline the EV process with ‘anchor certs’  and we were able to add SSO/MFA integration.

To that end, we’re pleased to share the new slide deck which summarizes the results from this year’s survey. Some of the key takeaways that will be rolled into the forthcoming 2018-19 work plan were:

  • We see strong demand for the ACME protocol (ACME stands for “Automated Certificate Management Environment” and is a way of automating the interactions between a certificate authority like Comodo and their subscribers).
  • There was significant difficulty with EV and DCV certificates.
  • There is a need to improve the support function.

Take a look at the full results summary and, as always, please continue to provide feedback about the InCommon Certificate Service and thank you for subscribing!

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