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  • Spring 2017 Washington, D.C.
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23rd Collaboration SIG, April, 2017 Washington, D.C.

Moderator: Gurcharan Khanna, Executive Director, Center for Computation & Visualization, Brown University


Our ongoing theme is why aren't advanced real-time collaboration tools being used more widely? What are some examples of projects that are successfully using them? What are the advanced technologies that warrant our experimentation and pilot use? Come share your thoughts and experiences and listen to ours as we try to create a community of users through this Special Interest Group devoted to promoting the successful adoption of advanced collaboration tools.



Jennifer Oxenford, KINBER, “AR/VR/360 Video - Building Collaborations in Emerging Technologies” powerpoint
Claudio Allocchio, Consortium GARR, "LOLA" PDF
Miloš Liška, CESNET, UltraGrid, "Towards Live 8K Video Transmissions on Commodity HW" PDF
David Marble, OSHEAN, "Video Media Management Integrated Workflows" powerpoint




Ben Fineman, Internet2

Luděk Matyska, CESNET

Eva Hladká, CESNET

Miloš Liška, CESNET

Greg Monaco, GPN

Don Mackintosh, AARNET

Joe Geigel, RIT


David Marble, OSHEAN

Jennifer Oxenford, KINBER

Wei-Li Liu, NLM/NIH

Sanggyun Kim, TEIN*CC

Dustin DeBrum, Cal Poly

Bob Flynn, Indiana U.

Cathy O'Bryan, Indiana U.

George Thoma, NLM/NIH

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