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If a Petition is created and an authenticated identifier is collected (via Require Authentication) that matches an identifier attached to an existing Org Identity, Registry will attempt to merge the new Petition identities with the already existing Identity. However, it can only do this if the new Org Identity is not (created as part of the Enrollment) is already attached to a different CO Person within the same CO. (An Org Identity can only be attached to a single CO Person identity within a given CO.)record (other than the one in the Petition), an error will be thrown. 

Manual intervention is required to determine what happened. ( Examine the Petition and associated person records. ) For example, the problem could be a duplicate enrollment, or it could be that someone forgot to logout of their browser (and so the Petition attached to the wrong identity)Most likely, somebody performed a manual operation on the identities before the Petition was Finalized and the enrollment completed.

Mislinked Enrollments

Mislinked Enrollments occur when a new Organizational Identity, CO Person, or CO Person Role is incorrectly attached to (or does not correctly attach to) an existing CO Person or Organizational Identity.