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Feb 12, 2014


12 Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific, 5PM UK

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  1. Announcements, new agenda items
  2. InC Counsel discussions of eduGAIN policy/CoC
  3. Outcomes (again) of eduGAIN policy framework review?
  4. Refed plans/progress on international R&S entity category
  5. Priorities and planning for upcoming months
  6. AOB

Warren, IJ, Ian, John, Tom

  1. Announcements
    1. None.
  2. InC Counsel discussions of eduGAIN policy/CoC
    1. John has had another meeting. Hoping to wrap up their review by Friday. Will take their issues to InC steering. Breakdown of discussions has been from a contractual standpoint and from data exchange standpoint - PII, IR, etc. It appears that there are not many issues, if any, preventing us from signing declaration. Follow-on issues with importing and exporting metadata that are currently being discussed. There looks like some particular language in InC agreement that might need modification. There are questions as to how changing all the existing agreements might work. The particular language has to do with sharing metadata with other InC - does it exclude other sharing. Ian thinks that this report is extremely positive. He is anticipating that participation would be opt-in, and if so, wouldn't that mitigate concerns over limiting language in the current agreement? John agrees that the initial participation will be limited, largely due to scaling concerns initially. But there are other implementations, like opt-out, so it is useful to consider whether we are forced into opt-in model by existing language. Another issue is whether contact information is PII for the purposes of export. This is under current investigation. Ian says that the UK federation has the view that it is considered implicit in the participant agreement that mass export of data to eduGAIN is OK, but that it would probably adjust the agreement if an opt-out model were to be implemented. But with opt-in, one does not need to wait until the niceties are understood before starting actual participation. John agrees that this does allow staged participation. John notes that CoC is off the agenda for legal review at the moment since it is optional to streamline the process. Raises the question of when to bring it back up.
  3. Outcomes (again) of eduGAIN policy framework review
    1. John thinks that it would be useful to have such a document. It can be concise and focused. Warren will volunteer to put a first version together based on the minutes from the review meetings and then ask for others to chip in.
  4. Interfed plans/progress on international R&S entity category
    1. Steven is out today, no report.
  5. Priorities and planning for upcoming months
    1. Document from review of eduGAIN policy framework.
    2. Review of charter.
    3. Internationalization of R&S - what can we do to help? LIGO thinks this an important initiative. Tom thinks this is low-hanging fruit. TAC evaluated REFEDs proposal with recommendations. Other recommendations and comments were made. They just need to be incorporated. John suggests we could perhaps offer up the time slot if that helps. Tom thinks that CoC is an important part of this question. John is not so sure that this is needed yet - are IdPs currently bound? Today, can an EU IdP release attributes to a US SP? Ian says yes, the CoC is a formalization of the process, but an IdP can release whatever it deems consistent with the prevailing privacy laws. So CoC and R&S are both mechanisms to streamline and automate the attribute release needed. Tom envisions CoC entity category. John thinks that eduGAIN adoption and R&S categories are priorities. If there is a discrete activity that we can conscript SPs into that might be a good spinoff.
    4. John brings up quilt inCommon meeting that just ended. Paul gave a brief review of our efforts for that. Warren says that the only thing he has been able to solicit is that there is a forum needed. John thinks that there are other forums evolving for this.
  6. AOB
    1. None.