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The Grouper Installer is a jar that will install the Grouper Container in v2.5+.  This is only as a quick start at this point.  You will generally not use the installer to install a production environment, you will use your lessons learned from the installer in your quick start to have your steps prepared.  You will then follow the instructions here. 

The only prerequisites are Java 8 JDK.  It will work in Windows, Unix, Mac (any OS where you can run DOS or shell scripts), however you will need docker so Unix/Mac are best.  It saves a README.txt which files are being edited, and which commands are being run, so the user can learn from what is going on.  It uses the stock Grouper container so there is no magic or hidden configuration included.

The installer will walk you through setting up Grouper in "maturity level 0".  There is an even easier way to install Grouper using the "quickstart container" (maturity level -1)

Running without network

The Grouper installer requires the internet currently.  We can remove this requirement in the future if needed.