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  • Advocacy --- we have proposals for data that IDPs should be issuing/releasing and SPs should be considering, how to best spread the word? To those writing the applications/software. Show them how to do it. Applies to MFA, SIRTFI, R&S and more
  • Securing the software supply chain. Concept of Trusted Access Platform is excellent. In adopting, we need to apply practices incubating in the field.  Opportunities for existing software to be more streamlined. Share best practices in the delivery. We rely on the Internet2 software teams (COmanage, Shib, Grouper).  But we need to communicate better. Use of scanners (comes out green = good). Banner case study.  How can we do better?  Note: sometimes commercial projects get more of a pass than community authored solutions, and that is not realistic.
  • MFA Signaling of capabilities of an IDP
  • password-less authentication (Duke and Stanford IAM Online)
  • Trusted Access Platform - What’s next?
    • Community may not know where to go to see the roadmaps for the projects. 
    • SteveZ noted that there are discussions on how best to make the roadmaps more available, but due to constraints on how the software project roadmaps are established, an ACAMP Unconference session may not be the best venue for this  
      • Note as of Oct 30, 2020, Project updates (with roadmaps)  will be presented at CAMP on Nov. 16 and Nov. 17, see track 2:  CAMP
  • Hiring and Onboarding Working Group (Jessica)