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All, please answer the survey about meeting times:[New+to+HE+Peer+Group|]

- SOA WG Update

The ITANA SOA Working Group is reviewing SOA implementation projects, SOA software development projects, standards, technologies and resources for higher education. The goal is to complete an environmental scan of SOA in Higher Education in 2012.


All, please answer the survey:[SOA Working Group Page|]

The survey will be socialized on various campuses with feedback reported back...


- Attempting to come up with reference architectures for IAM.[OSIdM4HE Page|]

[OSIdM4HE Team Page|]


- Collaboration

- Getting buy-in to EA


- Virtualization - rearchitecting their VM management systems.  We don't want a virtual server under a desk but a virtual server that is well managed

UW-Madison (3):

(Jim will add)

-  SOA Test Lab initiative:  we want to stand up two complete SOA stacks (WS02 and Oracle) to learn more about their capabilities, what you gain from a complete stack, what works as advertised and what is missing.

-  Enterprise Data Management is still big and a driver behind a variety of initiatives from Advising to Mobile to Business Intelligence.

-  Marketing the EA Message.  We are working on an infographic that would show how EA aligns with various strategic initiatives on campus.