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1. Pat has low vision, and needs text to be displayed in a large font, and prefers to have text read aloud as well being displayed visually. Pat is applying for a job, online, but does not want the potential employer to be aware of these accommodations. Pat is concerned that the employer might look for a reason to reject the application if they knew that it had been submitted by "a person with a disability".
2. Pat is a child who wants to participate in an age-restricted chat room. Pat must establish that their age is between 6-12, but would like anonymity beyond that restriction, providing an avatar for that purpose. Pat’s age must be established, and a consenting adult for Pat must attest willingness.
3. Pat is a child who wants to subscribe to a newsletter from a toy company. Pat needs to supply an email address and a consenting adult for Pat must attest willingness.
4. Newtown wants to host on-line “in my backyard” conversations on wikis, where on-line discussants are limited to those who are residents of a particular neighborhood, but are provided anonymity in those discussions.
5. A scientific web site wants to ease the boarding process for potential users by using a standard “Research and Scholarship” attribute package. That package would include name, email address, user identifier, targeted ID, and user affiliation.
6. A company wants to set up an internal “suggestions box”, where authenticated employees of the company can then submit anonymous suggestions.

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