NTAC Peering
In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Michael Lambert, Caren Litvanyi, Linda Roos, Steve Wallace
1.    Internet2 peering update
2.    Other topics
1.    Internet2 peering update
Caren Litvanyi mentioned that a commercial peer in Seattle moved to a full gig and IPv6 moved into CPS table.  A commercial peer in Chicago will be moved into the CPS table on v6 soon.  That should be all of the commercial peers to move into the CPS table.  A commercial peer in NY will be completed soon---the Internet2 side is finished and Internet2 is just waiting on the commercial peer.
Caren mentioned that it is important that people look at their limits as related to how much CPS traffic is actually being sent.
There was a discussion regarding the consolidation of traffic.  Caren mentioned the NANOG paper previously mentioned by Chris Robb.  Discussion ensued.
2.    CPS/TR Consolidation
Steve Wallace mentioned that there is a draft agreement produced by CENIC and Internet2 is responding to the agreement. At the meeting of the consolidation group tomorrow, Steve will ask if it is possible to take the agreement and budget out from under NDA and share along with the architecture which has already been shared.
Caren mentioned that the consolidation will take a fair amount of work to implement.

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