The Network Technical Advisory Committee

The NTAC calls are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 4:00 ET.

The NTAC peering working group holds calls on the third Tuesday of the month at 4:00 ET.

Akbar Kara is the NTAC Chair and Matt Davy is the NTAC Vice Chair.  Paul Schopis, John Moore and Cas D'Angelo are the Emeritus Chairs.

Introduction and Overview of NTAC by Paul Schopis

The report that the NTAC was based on: Framework for a New Network Technical Advisory Committee (PDF) was produced by the Network Advisory Group which was charged with outlining recommendations for a new technical advisory structure.

NTAC Meetings and Calls

index of notes from NTAC Meetings and Calls

NTAC Peering/Routing Group

index of notes from NTAC Peering/Routing WG Meetings and Calls


index of documents for NTAC

NTAC Members

list of NTAC members

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