NTAC Peering Call

In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Brian Cort, Linda Roos, Paul Schopis, Joe St Sauver, Steve Wallace

1.    Agenda bash
2.    Update from Internet2 on CPS
3.    Quarterly CPS technical update (Jan, Apr, July, Oct)
4.    Update on migrating IPv6 peers to CPS
5.    International v6 peering
6.     Other topics

Meeting Notes
1.    Update from Internet2 on CPS
Steve Wallace mentioned that the number of routes has exceeded 71,000.  Several new peers have been added and some peers have changed the way that they do interconnects which has increased the traffic.

There will be an update on the v6 transition at Joint Techs and Caren will be presenting.

Statistics that were previously gathered under Abilene need to be transitioned to the new Internet2 network.

Steve will send a reminder to the larger group for comments on the v6 transition document that he previously sent.

2.    Quarterly CPS technical update (Jan, Apr, July, Oct)
The first quarterly update will occur at the Joint Techs meeting in Hawaii.

3.    Update on migrating IPv6 peers to CPS
The following will be done during the migration:
-bring up v6 on the VRF
-establish connection for connectors to that VRF
-migrate v6 connectors to the VRF
will have to move Palo Alto all at once then it will be seamless to move the rest individually

Jeff will send a note to the NTAC indicating that the majority of connectors concur that the v6 migration is reasonable and, if there are no comments to the contrary, the migration will commence soon.

4.    International v6 peering
Caren is beginning to talk with international networks on v6 issues.  Internal discussions have occurred with Heather Boyles regarding future discussions with GEANT about whether it makes sense to carve out transatlantic transport capacity for direct v6 peering..  This will be a topic of conversation for the Joint Techs face-to-face meeting.

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