This page documents the process for assigning new URNs and OIDs.  This function was handled by Keith Hazelton, Jim Jokl and Emily Eisbruch up until 2019.
As of 2019 Tom Barton took charge of this on behalf of CACTI, with KeithH and Jim consulting and Jessica assisting in updating the website.  


Frequency of Requests for URNS and OIDs:

URN Process

  1. Request for an URN
    1. The MACE URN request form is found here:
    2. The form is to be copied and sent be email to
    3. The recipients of the email are Tom Barton, Keith Hazelton, Jim Jokl, Jessica and Dean.
  2. Processing the URN Request
    1. Upon receipt of an email requesting an URN,  Keith and Jim  and Tom check:
      •  is the domain requested .edu (or equivalent in other countries) 

                          -- or --

      •   If not edu, determine does the domain represent a recognized identity federation or research facility


      • Does the primary requester hold a title that makes it appropriate for her to speak for the requested domain?
      • Do the requesters' emails come from the same domain that they are seeking to register?
      • If they don't provide a documentation URL, request that they send it as soon as they get one.

    1.  If Keith, Jim  and TomB have concerns based on  the above checks, they reply to the requester with  the concerns with a copy to
    2. Assuming Keith, Jim and TomB  approve the request, they reply to the requestor, with a copy to informing that the request has been approved.
    3. Jessica then adds the URN to the bottom of the table on this web page
      1.  has been adding the URNs to the web table using the source code editing feature in Django content manager. 
        It   also works to add a table row without editing the source code. Here is info from webmaster Mike Creech as of Aug 2018:
        1. Once you have opened the page and double-clicked on the text plugin with the table in it, you can right-click with your mouse on the previous row of the table and be offered the option to insert a new row.  
    4. Jessica emails the submitter, copying informing the submitter that their URN is on the website.
  1. Maintaining the URNs
    1. occasionally someone emails with an update of the contact person to their existing URN. In this case, Jessica makes the update on the website and replies that the update has been made. 
  2. See sample emails for an URN request and approval here

OID Process

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  1. Perhaps work the MACE URL RFC into the flow somewhere above?  It helps to document our responsibilities.

    1. Great suggestions. Done. Thanks