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MACE-Dir: eduPerson/eduOrg LDIFs

eduPerson and eduOrg are LDAP schema designed to include widely-used person and organizational attributes in higher education. They were developed, and are maintained, by the Internet2 MACE-Directories Working Group (MACE-dir), a project of the Internet2 Middleware Initiative. These middleware activities are supported by Internet2 and EDUCAUSE.

The Internet2 MACE-Dir Working Group provides this page as a service to the community using or interested in the eduPerson object class. The LDIFs and related resources available here have been contributed by higher-education institutions and are believed to be accurate. No warranty is implied, please contact us at if you find errors or have suggestions for improvement, or wish to contribute LDIFs or related resources for additional platforms.

NOTE: any references to "eduPerson 1.6" are equivalent to the "eduPerson (200210)"

NOTE WELL: All Internet2 Activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.






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