Results from a quick survey on the adoption of ITIL done via email September 2008. The questions were:

Just curious if you are using the ITIL framework for you service planning, service practice and improvement?

If so, how far along are you? Just starting, applying it in a few key areas, rolling it out widely, we are ITIL Zen Masters.

The results:

Level of adoption

  1. of Responses


Not considering


We've looked at it and agreed that it would
be provide a good framework for service planning, practice and
improvement, but have never garnered the support or resources necessary
to move to the next step.



...but from what I've seen so far, for an org with reasonable practices
already there is not a big upside. If an org has a lot of issues with
process, responsibilities, concepts, labels, organization, etc...ITIL
could be huge help.

Just Starting



Some Adoption


"The effort has been basically unfunded, focusing on process and
committees." "We hope that our efforts in these areas will trigger wider
interest in similar efforts for other areas of Service Management. "

Broad Adoption


There is a a strong tie from these ITIL processes to our Enterprise Architecture practice.

Zen Masters


made a commitment to complete alignment with ITIL starting in about 2005.

Other common or interesting comments:

"all of our services are managed using ITIL as the framework. For a couple of our high profile services we're using change management based on ITIL. We were going to further but we ran out of money."

"Both the ITIL (version 2) and PRINCE2 programmes have been accompanied by a dedicated and ongoing training approach whereby all staff within ITSD ("central" IT division) and key IT / business staff throughout the faculties have been provided with the opportunity to achieve their foundation certificate (ITIL) and undertake the foundation examination (PRINCE2). All staff within the Service Planning & Development Group (PMs, BAs, architects, etc.) are given the choice of going on to complete PRINCE2 certification."

"There is a a strong tie from these ITIL processes to our Enterprise Architecture practice."

"Some departments ... are doing our best to follow the ITIL path in our efforts to improve Service Operation and
certain elements of Service Transition. In particular, we look
to ITIL for guidance on Incident Management, Congfiguration and
Asset Management, and Change Management."

"We are desperately seeking peers. (smile)"