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The mission of the InCommon TAC Interfederation Subcommittee (hereafter: “the subcommittee”) is to promote and pursue interfederation between the InCommon Federation and other SAML federations via a community-based process. The subcommittee makes recommendations to the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee, and members of the subcommittee interact with members and operators of other SAML federations to draft agreements and common practices. REFEDS is the preferred forum for cross-federation discussions, and InCommon-specific discussions take place on the subcommittee mailing list and on subcommittee phone calls. The subcommittee does not make agreements on behalf of InCommon or represent InCommon in any official capacity. Both policy and technical aspects of interfederation are in scope for the subcommittee.


Membership in the subcommittee is open to all interested parties. Members join the subcommittee by joining the mailing list, phone calls, and otherwise participating actively in the work of the subcommittee.

The chair of the subcommittee is appointed by the InCommon TAC and is responsible for keeping the TAC informed regarding subcommittee status.


  1. Documentation of InCommon community interfederation use cases and timelines, including the international collaborations of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) project. See: Interfederation Use Cases
  2. Documentation of plans and/or issues for interfederation with UK Access Management Federation, Australian Access Federation, Canadian Access Federation, eduGAIN, and other federations of interest to the InCommon community. See: InCommon and UK Interfederation
  3. Documentation of lessons learned, recommendations, and potential future work areas/items for InCommon to consider on the topic of interfederation. See: Interfederation Lessons Learned
  4. Work summary to TAC at end of work. See: June 2013 Recommendations to TAC

Expected End Date

The subcommittee is expected to complete all deliverables and either close or recharter by June 28, 2013.

Use Cases and Lessons Learned

Please contribute use cases on the Interfederation Use Cases page and lessons learned on the Interfederation Lessons Learned page.


See InCommon and UK Interfederation for some thoughts on an interfederation roadmap.


Here we keep a list of relevant links and references. Feel free to add.


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