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  • CIFER API Issue Resolution at ACAMP 2014
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The CIFER API group has proposed using the 2014 ACAMP at the 2014 Technology Exchange to vote on "decision points" for moving forward. These decision points will set the overall strategy and approach for the future CIFER API work. All work afterwards could/would then focus on producing camera-ready documents that could/would become reference materials/standards.

Proposed Methodology

  1. To submit a proposal, list it below, along with any supporting documentation.
  2. Consensus is preferred for a proposal to be adopted or rejected.
  3. If consensus cannot be reached on a proposal then a simple majority vote is required to adopt.
  4. For purposes of counting votes towards consensus or majority, eligible voters are (1) members of the cifer-api mailing list AND EITHER (2a) present in the room at the time of the vote OR (2b) notify a moderator via email of their vote.
  5. If two conflicting proposals are adopted, the conflict must be resolved using consensus or majority as described above.


Includes action items to be worked on if proposal is agreed to.




MACE-dir should be CIFER API governing body

  1. Establish repository for CIFER API documents.
  2. Establish namespace and registry for resource assignments (eg: /People, etc)


  1. Repository for CIFER documents and registry:
  2. Namespace for resource assignments: base url: | Keith | |

    A representation of CIFER API metadata in a SCIM compatible format



    CIFER API Governing Documents

  3. Draft Core Schema | Benn | |

    Registry APIs using SCIM API and CIFER schema

  4. Draft Registry API | Benn | |

    ID Match using SCIM API and CIFER schema

  5. Draft ID Match API | Benn | |

    Authorization/Group API using SCIM API and CIFER schema



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