Publicizing Working Groups

Here are avenues for publicizing the establishment of a working group, call for participation, accomplishments or milestones.

More specific guidelines for recruiting new group members are found in the next section.

Feel free to consult with Netta ( on publicizing a working group.

  • emails to Internet2, InCommon, EDUCAUSE, other relevant organization's mailing lists (REFEDs, GEANT, ACUA, CLAC, Quilt...)
  • emails to particular individuals we want to reach out to
  • Social Media:
  • Internet2 or InCommon Facebook and Twitter (Netta/Meredith)

  • blog (Netta/Meredith will coordinate)
  • Blurb in
    • Internet2 Community Update and/or InCommon Monthly Newsletter (Netta will coordinate)

  • webinars, such as IAM Online,  

  • presentations at Internet2 meetings and/or other organizations' meetings (generally initiated by Working Group Chair) 

    For vetting/publicizing/archiving working group documents and reports, processes will be finalized and implemented in 2016 as part of the Document Stewardship Framework.

Recruiting New Group Members 

Time to invite colleagues to join in a working group? Here are procedures to involve the community:

  • Chair or vice chair drafts an email to relevant lists about the opportunity to serve
  • In most cases one email should be enough, but in certain cases Emails may be tailored for particular lists (for example a special email to recruit a Service Provider rep or an Audit Rep for the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee)

Here is a sample email recruiting working group members

Include in the recruitment email:

  • Name and purpose of group
  • the importance of this work
  • Type of work and involvement required (example: attend one conference call per month, etc)
  • Categories of community members being sought if applicable (IdP, SP, small school, big school, research, international, etc.)
  • Term of office, if applicable
  • Background/qualifications desired, if applicable
  • Deadline by which to apply, if applicable
  • email address to which to send nomination/application (if this is closed group for which selection is required)
  • For open groups, the email should tell interested parties to subscribe to the email list. should also have the email to contact for more info.


  • Once the email is reviewed with Internet2 staff (such as with the Internet2 flywheel), the chair should send it to the appropriate lists 

  • Email  Netta to request a blog to be published with the info in the email to promote the opportunity.  Netta and others can use  Social media to point to the blog. 
  • For closed groups, the chair or flywheel should track all applicants on a protected/restricted wiki page or google doc 
  • Reviewing and selecting candidates  (for open groups, skip this step!)
    • Selection is done by the current group members in consultation with Internet2 staff
      •  After decisions are made, it is time to inform the selected candidates
        • For InCommon Steering, InCommon staff informs the selected candidates, and also those who were not selected
        • For InCommon governance groups, the chair informs the selected candidates as well as those who were not selected. 
          • (Note: for the AAC in 2016, KXM sent emails to those not selected)

Onboarding New Group members

Do these steps in consultation with Internet2 staff

    •  give permission to new members to the group's wiki space (if closed)

    •  add to email list (if not already on it) 

    • to Box folder (if applicable), 

    • Add new group members to the calendar invite to conference calls 

    • For advisory / governance groups, the roster is often public on the wiki or website. Internet2 staff will be sure new members are listed 

    • In the case of a new chair, Internet2 staff will be sure the Internet2 website Groups page is updated. For example here.

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