Status: Updates during January 2018 under review by WG members and stakeholders.

Our roadmap shows how workstreams relate to each other over time and to other activities in the community.

Last update: October 16, 2018

Community members
Information sharing
Best practices
Multi-lateral federation

Provide feedback on draft documents

Attend TechEx 2018

Apply resources to local activities and deployments

Submit proposals for TechEx 2018

Attend TechEx 2017

Share experiences from deployments

Collect learning materials

Collect information from deployments

Present information to community

Refine and share final deliverables

Document use cases

Document software architectures

Document lessons learned

Develop and refine best practices

Review existing standards and profiles

Identify needs for increased standardization

Advance standardization activities

GEANT - OIDC Federation - standards and reference implementations

REFEDS - OIDCre - SAML to OIDC mapping

GEANT - OIDC Federation - OIDC profile for eduGAIN interoperability and security

GEANT - OIDC Federation - native support in Shibboleth IdP

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