InCommon K12/Community College Grant for Quilt Pilots

Please note that this grant program ended in Dec. 2014

In order to encourage experimentation and adoption of federated identity and access management among K12 and community colleges, InCommon would like to offer the following to the pilot projects currently underway.

For each regional that launches a pilot project to provide federation services in 2013 or 2014 in conjunction with the InCommon/Quilt Pilot Project, InCommon will grant annual participation free-of-charge for up to five (5) qualified K12 or community/technical college organizations in 2013 and 2014, and will also waive the one-time registration fee. Qualifying organizations will be verified on a state-by-state basis in partnership with a relevant Internet2 Regional member. If, at the end of 2014, any of these organizations' regional sponsor decides to discontinue their federation services, the organization may continue to remain as an InCommon participant. Published fees will apply beginning January 2015.


If you have questions or comments, please contact Ann West ( and John Krienke ( .

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