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CTAB  Call of Wed. Jan. 2, 2019


  • Mary Catherine Martinez, InnoSoft (chair)  
  • Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska
  • David Bantz, University of Alaska  

  • Tom Barton, University Chicago and Internet2

  • Jon Miner, University of Wisc - Madison -  

  • Chris Hable, University of Michigan  

  • Chris Whalen, Research Data and Communication Technologies   

  • Ann West, Internet2  

  • Albert Wu, Internet2  

  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2    

Action Items

  • [AI] (TomB and MC) do outreach to CTAB candidates to answer any questions about CTAB

  • [AI] (Albert) bring roadmap group – DavidW  and ChrisW and JonM (if available) -  together for 2nd week in January

  • [AI] Albert create a strawman for the public docket  (done)


 CTAB Recruiting

  • MC and TomB will reach out to the CTAB nominees

  • CTAB has accepted all of the nominees, pending a chat with them by MC and TomB. 

  • The process after the chat is to submit a CTAB slate to InCommon Steering for formal acceptance.  

  • InCommon Steering will able to vote in Feb. 

  • CTAB may want to invite the nominees to join CTAB calls sooner as guests 

2019 CTAB Roadmap

  • Albert to schedule CTAB Roadmap call with DavidB and Chris W in 2nd week of Jan.  

  • Jon is interested but may not be available.

  • Possible Work topics

    • Dispute process for Phase 1

    • Consensus process for "Academic IdPs implement R&S" as an enhancement to BE

    • Consensus process to add SIRTFI to BE as meeting BE #3 for IdPs and SPs

    • Consensus process to add errorURL to BE metadata expectations

  • Other CDRP topics:

    • IdPs susceptible to ROBOT attack

    • IdPs still running shib v2 or other end-of-life federating technologies

Baseline Expectations Next Steps

  • Good progress in entities meeting Baseline Expectations

    • All entities: 3951 of 4535 meet the metadata expectation (87%)
      IdPs: 492 of 527 meet the metadata expectation (93%)
      SPs: 3459 of 4008 meet the metadata expectation (86%)
      Orgs: 676 of 756 meet the metadata expectation for all entities (89%)

  • No new requests for extensions

  • Most R1s have met baseline,  except two of them

  • Need to decide action plan for orgs that have not met BE nor requested an extension

  •  There are about 30 priority 5 organizations not meeting Baseline.

    • Sooner or later we must contact them as part of dispute resolution

    • How do we get the best contact for the outreach to the priority 5s?


      • This lacks info on what’s happening for those not meeting BE

      • Create the docket intentionally

      • Suggestion to retain the history

      • To add an org to the docket, there should be a CTAB vote and a record of that vote

      • Need 30 or 40 more orgs to meet baseline to achieve   95% meeting Baseline

      • Docket should be under the Baseline website or wiki

        • Private docket makes sense as a wiki page, private to CTAB

        • Public docket is a table in a wiki page, listing the current state

      • Name entity IDs on private document only

      • Separate IDPs from SPs

      • [AI] Albert create a strawman for the public docket  

Next CTAB Call: Wed. Jan 9 at 4pm ET

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