This is the collaboration space for the development of InCommon software. The current focus is on updating and expanding the InCommon Federation Manager.


Goals of the Federation Manager Project:

  1. Document existing business processes with a high degree of detail
  2. Document existing business requirements (based on 1) in order to add needed functional tests
  3. Add functional tests to cover 2
  4. Develop a new Staging environment for QA testing
  5. Develop a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline which automates builds, tests, and deploys to Staging
  6. Automate functional 'smoke tests' to reduce staff QA workload
  7. Add needed UI modernization to the back end and and front end (Registration Authority and customer-facing interfaces)
  8. Redesign Registration Authority workflows and their implementation in the application to increase efficiency
  9. Redesign customer-facing workflows to guide behavior and ease maintenance of SAML metadata


InCommon Style Guide v1.0: 

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