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This page is out of date and for historical reference only.

Join the Grouper Development Team!


We’re looking for a highly skilled, confident, and self-directed Java software engineering professional who is also comfortable and articulate in dealings with a wide range of members of the Research and Higher Education community. Experience with Identity and Access Management is necessary, and experience with Grouper deployment, Shibboleth deployment, or developing API-based integrations with directory and cloud services is preferred. Campus-based developers or anyone with the interest, perspective, and ability are encouraged to come work with our team.

This work will require a minimum Full-Time Equivalent commitment of 50% on an on-going basis.


This position focuses (primarily) on the complex and varied needs of provisioning and deprovisioning. The Grouper team has decided to take a new, message-based approach to adopters’ provisioning and integration needs. The current Grouper provisioning technology, the Provisioning Service Provider, will be maintained but not enhanced. We’ll integrate with some of the leading message-based systems and support both SCIM and proprietary message formats. Connectors for the most popular target systems such as Google will be developed, and we’ll also ensure that LDAP and Active Directory provisioning needs are completely supported out of the box.

The Grouper code base uses Java, Git, Ant and Maven, and has established approaches for logging, auditing, and configuration. New development must build on this framework.

Along with other Grouper team members, this developer will collaborate on lists, conference calls, and participate in other venues with campus and other organizational partners to define new functional requirements, work out bugs, handle support issues, assimilate contributed software, and plan the roadmap for Grouper.


Please send a resume and expression of interest to Tom Barton <>. The selection process will consist of a review of the resume, conditionally followed by a phone interview, conditionally followed by an interview with the Grouper developer team. We’ll continue until we find a good fit for our team.


We hope that you can start ramping up with us around the beginning of September 2015.

About Grouper 

Grouper is an enterprise access management system designed for the highly distributed management environment and heterogeneous information technology environment common to Universities. The Grouper Project has received funding and development resources from Internet2, National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant No. OCI-0330626, OCI-0721896, and OCI-1032468, Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK), University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Washington, University of Memphis, University of Bristol (UK). For more information, visit Grouper on the Internet2 website  

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