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April 21, 2016

Internet2 is pleased to announce the release of Grouper 2.3, which includes many important enhancements.  Grouper is an enterprise access management system designed for the highly distributed management and diverse information technology environment common to universities. Grouper is one of the key components in the TIER Program. 

New Features in Grouper 2.3 include: 

  • Provisioning Service Provider Next Generation (PSPNG) - addresses performance problems and configuration complexity of the Provisioning Service Provider (PSP) 
  • Grouper Loader improvements including scheduling configuration to facilitate high-availability changes and, handling unresolvable subjects 
  • New Web Service operations for attribute definitions, actions, and messaging 
  • Grouper messaging system with integration to the change log and ESB 
  • UI screens for attribute definitions and inherited privileges 
  • Export to GSH - allows export of Grouper objects to a Grouper Shell (GSH) script 
  • Folder privileges have been changed to be “admin” and “create” instead of “stem” and “create) 
  • TIER API “hasMember” operation implemented in the Grouper web services module to support integration and interoperability. 


To learn more about the Grouper 2.3 release, to download the software and release notes, for upgrade instructions, and a link to a Grouper demo, please visit 

Grouper features a comprehensive suite of free online training videos and an active and supportive user community.   You are invited to visit the Grouper website and wiki.  To join the Grouper email lists, please see this page 



Chris Hyzer on behalf of the Grouper Team

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