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Abstract Dictionary

The SOR-Registry Core Schema Strawman and Core Attribute Specification were drafted a few years ago as a first attempt to solve the Core Schema problem. Multiple participants contributed to the initial inventory of attributes, which were intended to cover the set of attributes that an Identity Management System (not just the Person Registry) might need in day to day operations. The Core Schema was intended to be useful in multiple APIs, not any particular existing API.

Characteristics of the Core Schema include

  • Simple and complex attributes
  • Multiple values for most attributes
  • Extensible type vocabulary, allowing local extensions to common types
  • I18n aware
  • Representation of complex attributes in a "flattened" format
  • Attribute release policies

Tasks Required to Update the Core Schema Drafts

  • Review the set of existing attributes
  • Review attribute metadata
  • Review local extension mechanism ("Extended Attributes")

Comparison to Other Approaches

LDAP Based Schemas

Existing LDAP based schemas (such as inetOrgPerson or eduPerson) generally lack the ability to efficiently represent complex attributes and attributes with multiple values.

SCIM Core Schema

The SCIM core schema is extremely limited, and suffers from many of the same constraints as LDAP based schemas. There are few, if any, standard extensions.


OID Standard Claim


IMS Common Data Definitions


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