The Attributes for Collaboration and Federation Working Group will:

  1. Develop (and Execute if time permits) a Roadmap for Adoption of Attribute Release Policies (using the draft Steering Roadmap as a starting point)

    1. Outreach [Steering] - Identify the needed stakeholder groups, and identify or create the content and use cases that can educate those groups.

    2. Survey [Working Group] - Possible survey of the community on why attributes are NOT being released - identify obstacles (maybe webinar?) - completed by campus stakeholders as well as IAM person.

    3. Consent [Working Group] - Determine where “Consent” fits into the roadmap

    4. Communication [ALL] - Create a communication plan to inform InCommon Participants of recommendations and steps being taken to enable basic federated access

  2. Recommend a default Attribute Release Policy (ARP) for InCommon participants

      1. Global R&S for R&S SPs (See: Research and Scholarship Category and the R&S Attribute Bundle)

      2. Recommended ARP for all other SPs - in addition to, or a subset of, R&S

  3. Review and enhance online content for IdP admins so they have a clear set of steps to follow to implement the desired approach (including possibly consent) once campus policy decisions have been approved.

  4. Discuss making some level of attribute release (e.g. R&S) part of a future version of the AAC’s Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federations.

Other collaborative efforts:

  1. with TIER software packaging and InCommon Ops to give stakeholders some control via a set of tools (e.g. local - similar to consent; new IC services (eg suggested Attribute Release Policies); etc)) to simplify and automate attribute release management. This may be part of the Roadmap, but likely executed by TIER software packaging.

  2. with AACRAO members looking at Student Records and Data Disclosure.

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