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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Attending: Steve Carmody, Scott Cantor, Ian Young, Nick Roy, Jim Jokl, Keith Hazelton, Tom Barton, Jim Basney, David Walker

With: John Krienke, IJ Kim, Tom Scavo, Nate Klingenstein

Action Items

(AI) Keith will draft a IAM Testbed working group charter for the next TAC meeting.

(AI) TAC members will review the original strategic priorities document and propose priorities for the rest of 2014.


Scott Cantor reported on a couple of highlights from the recent REFEDS meeting:

  1. there is interest in a working group to discuss the longstanding problems around communicating attribute requirements. Ken and Leif discussed this.
  2. Roland presented on his FedLab OpenID and SAML work.

Ian discussed the concept that REFEDS is becoming a place where people go to standardize things, which has not been its historical role.

CSG Update

At the recent meeting, CSG spent a half day on identity issues, including presentations by Steve Zoppi and Klara Jelinkova. Klara’s discussion was about the concept of TIER and the types of institutional problems that the concept might address. It was clear that there is substantial CIO support for TIER, assuming we help them understand the problems that can be addressed and solved. Klara told the group that the governance and deliverables for TIER will be defined and presented at the Educause annual meeting and the Internet2 Technology Exchange in the fall.


Tom Scavo reported on discussions on fast-tracking LIGO into eduGAIN. The concept is to create an export metadata aggregate from the InCommon metadata and pipe it into eduGAIN. All of this is contingent on necessary updates to the FOPP and InCommon participation agreement.

IAM Testbed

Keith reported on testing of the new IAM Testbed

The testbed includes core IAM applications, including Penn State’s Central Person Registray, the 389 Directory Server (LDAP), Grouper, the SCIM SDK from UnboundId, Apache Active MQ, the Apache CAMEL integration package, an instance of Apache Servicemix, an instance of uPortal, Shibboleth, and the Confluence wiki. Tests have successfully onboarded and provisioned users into the wiki.

The IAM Testbed would benefit schools looking for an alternative to making the next upgrade licensing purchase from vendors, and would benefit those looking for a platform to potentially create an IAM as a Service package.

(AI) Keith will draft a IAM Testbed working group charter so this project has a home.

(AI) Steven asked the TAC to look at the original priorities document and identify TAC priorities for the rest of 2014.

Next Meeting

Thursday, June 5 – 1 pm ET

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