Why an IAM Testbed?

Potential adopters of one or more  open source packages supporting IAM need to see working solutions to problems they are trying to solve. The goal of the IAM Testbed effort is to provide this environment and make it easy to use for demos. 

What's in the Testbed?

The Testbed idea is just getting hatched. It is certain to be an iterative process of bringing more components online over time and knitting them into the Testbed framework.  Some of the offerings have open access with test accounts.  Others require users request that a guest account be created.  The anchor offerings, on their way to being wired up for demo solutions include:

How to use the Testbed

We are still very early in the Testbed roll-out. If you have experiments you would like to try or questions or suggestions regarding the Testbed, please send email to iamtestbed (at) gmail (dot) com

Testbed developers: We're using github issue tracking for coordinating our development tasks and milestones: https://github.com/apereo/iam-testbed Email iamtestbed (at) gmail (dot) com to request access to the github repo.

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