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New Service Added to Research & Scholarship Cateogy

The GPN/UM Dropoff Services has been approved as an InCommon Research & Scholarship Category service provider. GPN/UM Dropoff provides a place for the 23 member institutions of the Great Plains Network to securely transmit files between collaborators. These files often exceed 2GB in size, thus requiring HTML5 to complete successfully. While the initial file transfer is to a temporary holding area, it can be moved to a long-term repository, should that be desirable.

The InCommon R&S Category allows participating identity providers to release a minimal set of attributes to an entire group of approved services, rather than negotiating attribute release one-by-one.

With the addition of this service, there are now 13 R&S SPs. Also, 56 IdPs have indicated support for the R&S Category. A complete list of R&S services and the IdPs that support them is maintained on the InCommon web site. See the InCommon wiki for more information about the R&S Category, including application forms for both SPs and IdPs.

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