RL "Bob" Morgan

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  1. The picture of the crew in hawaiian shirts at Bob's dinner for his Internet2 President's Leadership Award 

    Left to right and back to front:

    Standing: Renee Frost, Jack Suess, Scott Cantor, Ann West, David Wasley, Nate Klingenstein (fingers by Leif), Leif Johannson, Ken "Ming" Klingenstein, Tom Barton, the Honoree, Steve Olshansky, Terry Gray, Renee Shuey (she's standing), Dean Woodbeck, Jim Jokl, Steve Corbato

    Kneeling: Emily Eisbruch, Jeff Hodges, Tom Scavo, Kevin "knucklehead" Morooney, John Krienke, Roland "Papa" Hedberg, and the fat ass is lying down is me.

    I really enjoyed that day and that evening.  Not only a great group of people, but to be able to show Bob some love from those of us who have worked so hard with him and learned so much from him, to give back to him in some small way and see that great smile on his face as you see in this picture, it was really nice.  And the ultimate proof of the great time is Ken sticking his tongue out.  Not often seen.


  2. Great pictures of Bob and he will fondly be remembered for all his help.