The Covid scheduling SaaS application (Accommodate) needs a Terms and Conditions acceptance from users before scheduling Covid tests.  The data should be captured and fed to warehouse for reporting.  Note, its possible to use a deep link to get around the terms, but thats ok.  The T&C page originally was only going to show once per user, but then that was changed to show each time the user goes to the application.  Any netid holder should be able to use the application


Data reporting

View was created in postgres grouper with users and dates they agreed with terms:

create or replace
view penn_covid_accept_terms_v as
    subject_id as penn_id,
    to_timestamp(value_integer / 1000) as terms_accepted_timestamp
    grouper_aval_asn_mship_v gaamv
    gaamv.group_id = '3f70d4f1214f40f899cca9d707ddb9df'
    and source_id = 'pennperson'
    and gaamv.attribute_def_name_name = 'penn:isc:ait:apps:covidScheduling:service:attributes:covidAcceptTerms'
    and subject_id is not null
    and value_integer is not null

Data looks like

Create a table in oracle warehouse and index by penn_id

CREATE TABLE AUTHZADM.penn_covid_accept_terms
  penn_id                   VARCHAR2(20 CHAR)   NOT NULL,
  terms_accepted_timestamp  TIMESTAMP(6)        NOT NULL
ALTER TABLE penn_covid_accept_terms ADD (
  CONSTRAINT penn_covid_accept_terms_PK
  (penn_id, terms_accepted_timestamp)
--NOTE: grant to user that SELECTs for snowflake

Sync this data over a few times a day

grouperClient.syncTable.covidTerms.columns=penn_id, terms_accepted_timestamp
grouperClient.syncTable.covidTerms.primaryKeyColumns=penn_id, terms_accepted_timestamp

otherJob.covidTerms.quartzCron=51 56 10,14,23 * * ?

See it work

Grouper design

  1. Grouper "custom ui" that anyone can use
  2. Show the terms, same for all users
  3. On click, run a GSH script that adds an attribute date to the membership of the user in the group
  4. Those attribute values can be retrieved via view → table sync to warehouse

See T&C acceptances in Grouper

Members of this group have accepted the terms

See attributes on the membership to get the specifics

Setup attributes

We need an attribute on an immediate membership that has a timestamp value type, and supports multi-valued assignments.  We only need one attribute name

Allow everyone to use the screen

Note, the "opt in" just means they can hit the button.  Being a member of the group doesnt mean anything if someone uses the UI to literally opt in to the group

Grouper "custom ui" configuration externalized text

This is configured in Grouper database configs in the UI:

penn_covid_header = <h1>2020 Fall Semester: Who Must Be Tested</h1><ul><li>Students, faculty, postdoctoral trainees, blah blah blah Houses.</li><li>All residents blah blah blah sing (CHAS)</li></ul>
penn_covid_enrollmentLabel = <h1>Consent to Testing</h1>The University of Pennsylvania is asking members of blah blah blah related to COVID-19;</li><li>To identify patterns of infection blah blah blah with respect to my test results.</li></ul>
penn_covid_enrollmentButtonText = I Agree

Grouper "custom ui" JSON configuration for text

There is externalized text and JSON attributes on the group used for custom ui

# no help link
{"endIfMatches":true,"customUiTextType":"helpLink","index":0,"text":" "}
# this is the logo we put in the container
# header text (who must get tested)
# body text (terms and conditions)
# button text
# show the button irrespective of membership in group (since if in group they still need to press button).  The unenroll button isnt really used.

Add logo into container

Start with the logo, put in the Grouper container in: slashRoot\opt\grouper\grouperWebapp\grouperExternal\public\penn\images\pennCares.png

Grouper "custom ui" configuration for redirect

This JSON tells the UI to redirect to the app after the user agrees to terms

{"endIfMatches":true,"customUiTextType":"redirectToUrl","index":0,"text":"","script":"${ cu_joinGroupButtonPressed }"}

Add the "agree" date to the attribute value when button pressed

This GSH script will make sure the user is in the group, and a new attribute value is assigned to that membership

{"endIfMatches":true,"customUiTextType":"gshScript","index":0,"text":"${textContainer.text['penn_covid_gsh']}","script":"${ cu_joinGroupButtonPressed }"}
Externalized text:
penn_covid_gsh = group.addMember(subject, false);$newline$Membership membership = MembershipFinder.findImmediateMembership(grouperSession, group, subject, true);$newline$membership.getAttributeValueDelegate().addValueTimestamp("penn:isc:ait:apps:covidScheduling:service:attributes:covidAcceptTerms", new java.sql.Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis()));
Note, you put $newline$ in between lines so it is in one line in externalized text, so the GSH is actually:
group.addMember(subject, false);
Membership membership = MembershipFinder.findImmediateMembership(grouperSession, group, subject, true);
membership.getAttributeValueDelegate().addValueTimestamp("penn:isc:ait:apps:covidScheduling:service:attributes:covidAcceptTerms", new java.sql.Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis()));

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